I'm a Kentucky native (from Appalachia) and married to the love of my life and partner in crime.           We've traveled the world, lived Australia, got engaged in New Zealand and traveled all the way back to this tiny town of Paducah to settle in with a family of our own. 

We're a family of V that downsized to a "TINY" house of 1000sqft- and give life a go as MINIMALIST

 I didn't come to appreciate the ART of photography till my first child was born. And so began my love of bokeh, the golden hour and depth of field. 

If you're curious about me:

Likes- positive people, positive thoughts, God, books, intellectual conversation, music (all), nice people

Dislikes- self promotion (social media is difficult for me), any desert chocolate mixed with nuts, faux flavored banana candy, boogers, and stomach viruses

Western Kentucky Photographer

April Shoulta Photography

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